All the latest free online bingo game sites in one place just for you

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All the latest free online bingo game sites in one place just for you

Necessity is the mother of invention and this is so true with free online bingo game sites. The online bingo industry was born before free online bingo game sites were even conceptualized. Online bingo sites addressed the bingo players’ need for focused bingo attention because casino sites have become crowded with too many table games to be able to concentrate on bingo.

The realization of online casino gaming was a necessary development to satisfy casino players who want easy access to games and instant gratification. The online platform also overcame initial objections that a real life casino environment cannot be duplicated. With cutting edge digital technology, Hollywood visual effects and stereo sounds provide a satisfactory simulation of a Vegas-style environment. After online casinos and online bingo sites arrived there was a need to attract new site members and free online bingo game sites were conceived. Free online bingo games sites have come a long way since bingo was just played in the halls of brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Best Free Online Bingo Game Sites

  • Ladbrokes Bingo is a well established British bingo brand name with a well organized marketing team that pushes Ladbrokes to be one of best free online bingo game sites. The marketing team believes in the effectiveness of free games to acquire new members along with generous bonuses and promotional deals. Progressive jackpots and regularly held specials spearhead their promotional salvo. Bonuses for new recruits include a no deposit £40 cash, £10 mini game reward and seven days of free bingo at the Bingo Guest Room.
  • Sun Bingo was put together by the Sun group with affiliate News UK and online gaming company Gamesys Limited in 2006 as a flagship online bingo site. The site was immediately a great place for 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, progressive jackpot and other bingo games. Offering free games with prizes on Tuesdays and Thursdays qualified them as one of the best free online bingo game sites according to numerous bingo players. Sun rewards a 300% match up bonus on first deposits of new members.
  • 888 Ladies Bingo is a dedicated ladies bingo site that belongs to the 888 Group. The site has a Gibraltar license and stands out among bingo sites with their exclusive game features in graphically attractive and functionality efficient games. The hall at 888 Ladies contain easily filled rooms offering 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo, Team Bingo and progressive jackpots. The site generously hands out a free £25 no deposit bonus and 200% match bonus up to £500 for new sign ups.
  • Gala Bingo has continuously verified their position as Britain’s elite online bingo. Bingo gamers find more than 20 bingo rooms thereby eliminating waiting time. The catalog of quality games puts expert and new players at ease playing at Gala because of the insurance of finding games fitted to their skills and preferences. These include the traditional 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball bingo and 90 Ball Bingo and other games like 40 Ball Bingo, 50 Ball Bingo, Deal or No Deal and Lucky Numbers Bingo. Bingo players who like on-the-spot action can enjoy the real-time live caller bingo available at the site. A dedicated room available to novice players is the Newbie Room, which was purposely created to let beginning players try the games for the first time. To take advantage of free bingo games for cash, players must register to make their membership official. These free games have modest cash value. A 250% match up bonus with £1250 limit is claimable for first deposits.
  • Instant Bingo is an action filled online bingo site with instant play, swift gratification, on- the-spot thrill and on time payouts of cash winnings. The catalog of bingo games offers novelty and a refreshing change to the gaming experience. Bingo games that include the US favorite 75 Ball Bingo, British and European 90 Ball Bingo, Team Bingo, and Progressive Jackpots never miss to catch the fancy of online bingo players. Bingo games can be played with different bet denominations including nickel, dime, and quarter card costs. High spending bingo gamblers are welcomed and are encouraged to make huge bets. No bingo would be satisfactory without a game of Pull Tabs with prices that go from a quarter dollar up to a dollar. Generous free $65 no deposit bonus and 500% up to $100 deposit bonus are given away to first deposits for new members.
  • Giggle Bingo is an online bingo casino that promotes the social component and friendly playing atmosphere. Fun and social interaction can indeed be combined in a comfortable playing zone. Gathering experienced and beginner players in one communal space are the hallmarks of this casino site. The leading games in their selection include BB Buddies Games and Easy Ways Games. BB Buddies is also a featured game of Giggle’s loyalty club. At Easy Ways bingo room, free games with cash prizes are given out raising the possibility that resourceful players can even make winnings without needing to spend money. Online bingo promotions include a free $10 no deposit bonus and 100% match up for first deposits up to $1600 for new sign ups.
  • Mummies Bingo is a new bingo site dedicated to moms but this early is already considered as one of the better free online bingo game sites. A free chat service available 24/7 and hosted by friendly moms serve as the unique point of the site. Regularly held promotions like the monthly mega jackpot are eagerly awaited by moms who dream of winning huge prizes. Moms play at the site in a friendly and communal atmosphere making light banter in chat facilities at the site. Mummies gives out a free £10 welcome bonus without a deposit requirement and a 500%, 350%, 300% match up on the first three deposits by new members.

While players will not argue that the best way to test the reliability of free online bingo game sites is to try to play at the site first hand, the best free online bingo game sites still depends on personal preference and taste. Two types of free online bingo game sites will be at their disposal, branded bingo sites that are part of big online casino businesses or new online bingo start-ups. Branded bingo sites have the financial clout to offer generous free game offers while start-ups need marketing mileage through lucrative free game deals. Smart bingo players will play on several free online bingo games sites and decide which ones are the best.