Bingo cards and featured games at Ladbrokes coming up this month

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Bingo cards and featured games at Ladbrokes coming up this month

When an industry matures, new products and services are developed like online bingo games, which since time immemorial start out with the procurement of bingo cards but can now be played electronically. Dedicated bingo sites are born from the need of online casinos to satisfy exclusive bingo players clamouring for specific needs relevant to bingo playing. Traditional bingo games like 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball, played on bingo cards, continue to attract new and experienced players but new bingo games have been developed with clever novelties to add thrill and excitement to the already popular bingo game. Auto-daubing, eliminating the need for players to daub the bingo cards, is also a standard among online bingo sites and allows players to join chat rooms while playing the games thereby developing social connections with other passionate bingo players to create a communal atmosphere in the bingo rooms.

Online casinos, became a viable option to land based casinos because of the convenience of playing games at home and offered lucrative bonuses and promotional offers due to lower overhead costs. They became hugely successful and expanded their operations by putting up separate dedicated online bingo sites. Other businesses built dedicated bingo sites and the competition produced better, varied products that are found in today’s online bingo industry.

Ladbrokes is one of Britain’s top contributions to the online bingo industry. Developed from their 125 years of betting and gaming operations experience, the expansion to online bingo was seamless with over 10,000 winners per week. Ladbrokes Bingo immediately became a trusted name in the online bingo industry and immediately qualified as a licensed, regulated Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner online bingo site.

Bingo Games Requiring Bingo Cards at Ladbrokes

  • 90 Ball Bingo is Britain’s favourite bingo game and is considered a classic, full of huge prizes. Using 90 balls to complete one line, two lines and a full house based on bingo cards, this game is not only exciting but also gives three chances of winning.
  • 80 Ball Bingo utilizes 80 balls in an exciting game with big prizes. Anticipate with excitement as 16 numbers on a 4X4 bingo cards are being called out as coloured balls are randomly drawn. Lines created at the bingo cards can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • 75 Ball Bingo is the third of the trio of classical bingo games and requires the formation of specific patterns on bingo cards composed of 5X5 squares.
  • Lucky Numbers Bingo treble the player’s chances of winning as three additional jackpots compliment the usual bingo prizes. A player picks 3 lucky numbers from 1 to 90 and if all three numbers come up at 1-line, 2-lines and full house winning numbers an extra prize of £300 is to be won by the player.
  • Deal or No Deal is a bingo game based on the popular TV show. The twist and innovation comes when the full house prize winner gets a call from the Banker. A networked jackpot of £10,000 is attainable with this 24/7 game.
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is an incredible £1 million chance bingo game. Host Chris Tarrant of the famed TV show will call the numbers and the progressive Jackpot commences. An extra £500 can be won if a player declares house within 40 calls based on his bingo cards.
  • Lucky Loft is an exclusive Ladbrokes Bingo game where a player joins Laddie in his Lucky Loft until a 1TG (one number to go). When full-house finally happens, the player is allowed to participate in a special bonus round where a guaranteed 10p up to £250 bingo bonus awaits the player. By following Laddie through his house and reaching the loft, the £250 Bonus Jackpot can be claimed.
  • Garage is a faster 90 Ball Bingo version. By hastening the pace of calling out randomly picked balls of this Speed Bingo played in the Garage room and reducing the gaps in between, a higher level of thrill is achieved in this version of the classic bingo game.
  • Joker Jackpot differs from other bingo games by numbers being called out using playing cards. The bingo cards used consist of 9 squares, 3 columns and three rows. In order to win, players aim to form a J pattern or a full-house.
  • The Treehouse is an innovative addition to 75 Bingo. Players can enjoy and benefit from a 5 lines, 5 chances of winning.
  • Deal or No Deal 75 is a Ladbrokes bingo game. Combining the fun and prizes of 75 Bingo with an additional feature game with a Banker for the declared 75 Bingo Game, the featured game adds excitement and more chances of winning.
  • Snug is a casual 75 Bingo variant. Snug allows friendly chat among passionate bingo lovers while playing and enjoying good value games.
  • Room with a View adds refreshing novelty to 75 Bingo by presenting static, wild and crazy patterns in bingo cards. Adventurous bingo players are initially challenged by Room with a View but after trying the games soon come back looking for more.
  • The Attic 90 Ball Bingo gives bingo lovers who can only afford cheap tickets a chance to play and win big prizes including the Community Jackpot.
  • The Bedroom 90 Ball Bingo is for players on a lookout for “fair for all” bingo rooms with even chance bingo games. All tickets are priced at 10p and a maximum of 12 bingo cards per bingo game is allowed.
  • The Living Room 90 Ball Bingo is being held at a networked bingo room with 1p tickets, B1G1F and other bingo variants. The Living Room is open 24/7 and has chat facilities for social engagements among bingo enthusiasts.
  • The Beach Hut 90 Ball Bingo is a premium bingo room where winnings can be huge. Players on a lookout for a mega prizes should join the party at the Beach and purchase bingo cards.
  • Multiplayer Bingo is a unique offering from Ladbrokes and players can join the fun with other fellow players and get excited as prize pools continue to get bigger. Upon reaching the top of the Leaderboard a mega Progressive Jackpot awaits the winner. Community Bingo has never been so exciting and fun to play.

Ladbrokes Bingo is not considered the darling of British online bingo for nothing. As the flagship online bingo site of Ladbrokes, a world leader in betting and gaming industry with over 2,700 betting outlets in Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Spain and over 800,000 current online clients, the games they offer are not only recommended for their high quality but are also available in a variety of catalogues. Players scramble to purchase tickets for bingo cards which equate to winning chances.