Bingo cards made simple for the newcomers out there

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Bingo cards made simple for the newcomers out there

Bingo is a form of lottery game in which players follow the numbers called out with the numbered squares on their bingo cards. The first participant to complete the desired pattern, for instance, five numbers in a row, which can be in any of the three forms (horizontal, vertical and diagonal), hits the jackpot.

Over the years, this classic game has significantly evolved. In the past, this was played in carnival booths where beans are placed on the bingo card so as to mark the matching numbers that the pitchman calls out, who draws the numbered discs from a cigar case. Winners used to shout “Beano” when they manage to fill out all the numbered boxes for the required pattern. In recent years, there are varieties of ways in which you can play Bingo. With the advent of technology, it has made this game more convenient, easier and fun to be played by many.

Usual bingo cards are labelled from numbers 1 to 75. The card has five columns, namely column “B”, “I”, “N”, “G” and “O”, which are labelled on the topmost part of the card. Each column consists of five numbered boxes. There is only a corresponding range of numbers in each column (column B with numbers 1 to 15; I with 16 to 30; N with 31 to 45; G with 46 to 60; and O with 61 to 70). Today, there are new features of bingo cards that make this game easier and simpler to play.

New Features of Bingo Cards You Must Try

1.    Online Bingo Card Template
There are customized bingo card templates where letters and words are listed in each box instead of numbers. These can be found on different websites. The game Bingo is popularly known as a way of entertainment in various events like birthdays, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving celebrations, Valentine’s Day and many more. Occasion-themed bingo cards can surely boost the enjoyment of everyone during these events.

There are also alphabet and animal bingo cards that young children can relate to. These can help in promoting both intellectual and social skills. In fact, these can aid in improving the vocabulary of children by exposing them to various words and phrases printed on the cards.

Those who are book and movie fanatics can enjoy playing bingo with cards using names of popular characters, places or terms distinct to a certain book or film. For instance, those who are fans of Harry Potter can be more delighted with Harry Potter-themed bingo cards. It is undoubtedly amusing to encounter and remember how these things once captured our minds and touched our hearts.

2.    Online Personalized Bingo Cards
Personalized bingo cards enable players to cater to the theme of the special occasion and to the personality of the player. There are several bingo generators on the Internet that can produce the cards that you like. These generators allow you to decide on the number of boxes, the data you want to fill in these boxes, the size of the card and the design that you want. If you don’t want to shout out the word “Bingo” when you win, you can change this to anything that you like. For instance, you can have the word “DADDY” on top of your bingo cards instead when playing bingo during Father’s Day.

3.    Automatic Marking System
How many times have you played bingo where you have overlooked and missed marking the numbers being called? Losing the game because of this can be really frustrating, especially when you’re nearly winning the game. On the other hand, several online bingo operators today have added an automatic marking feature to their websites, in order to make sure that players will not miss the chance of winning. As you play, you will be notified to mark the numbered box that has been called out after several seconds of failing to click the box. This feature is really helpful for you to note all the numbers being called out, especially when you are playing with multiple bingo cards.

4.    Mobile Bingo
Gadgets are becoming smaller, slimmer, lighter and more portable to carry anytime and anywhere. Back then, many online bingo games can only be played in computers and laptops. Today, most phone and tablet manufacturers and mobile platform development firms have addressed this by installing processors in such devices similar to that of the computers so as to enhance the capacity of these portable devices. Bingo cards in several websites can now be played on your phones and tablets without requiring you to install additional software.

5.    Language Options
Some online bingo operators provide their games in different languages. There are bingo cards in Chinese, Japanese, Russian and others. With a word-list bingo card, a language option is surely a great help. In addition, those who are trying to learn other languages can use this tool for learning.

Bingo has been a great way to entertain groups of people in various events and occasions. Now, with the use of technology and your creativity, you have options to do many things on your own than just relying on what you can find in the market. The creation of these new ideas of bingo cards can surely increase the interest of many to this classic board game.

While there has been an increasing popularity of Bingo, it is also important to take into account the legality of these online Bingo operators by verifying their licenses so as to prevent scams and deceitful acts by others. In order to ensure safe and fair online gambling, keep in mind to check for the following things below.

Information Provided by Licensed Bingo Operators

•    How to gamble safely and responsibly;
•    Easy to use complaint options whenever there are disagreements that may occur
•    Procedures that can protect vulnerable people like children;
•    Commission license

The Gambling Commission of the UK, which collaborates with both local and international research groups and organizations, takes the responsibility of regulating laws and rules related to online gambling. You can visit their website at gambling to find bingo operators that are licensed to operate in the UK. There are also similar organizations for each country where online bingo and other forms of Internet gambling are allowed.