Free bingo cards and bonuses for 2016

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Free bingo cards and bonuses for 2016

A great advantage to playing bingo games online is the amount of free bingo cards that players can obtain. A lot of bingo Websites can place aside a period where players can sign up and play these games for free. They also have rewards during these free time zones, so they can walk away with their wins without having to spend anything. Players need to keep an eye out for these free bingo cards games, so they won’t have anything to lose.

Possibly the best part of enjoying free bingo cards games online is that players can try out these games in the comfort of their own homes. Before the Internet, bingo was a game that was only found to be played during a party or a gathering. But now, no matter if these bingo players are sitting alone in a hotel in New York or Tokyo, they can enjoy these games for free on free bingo cards game sites.

On the Web, free bingo cards Websites let their clients talk and interact with one another. They can chat with fellow bingo fans from around the world, and get to know them and their culture a little bit more. These free bingo games can be enjoyed during break times at work or college. Plenty of the sites provide players with no-download versions of their popular games, in which players won’t have to install any software in their office computers or laptops. All they have to do is create an account in these free bingo cards sites, and enjoy themselves.

The Latest Free Bingo Cards Games and Bonuses in 2016

  • Joker Jackpot – This is a free bingo cards site that is found in plenty of Virtue Fusion sites. It’s a type of bingo game that is meant to be enjoyed with an assortment of nine playing cards, instead of just one card. Cards are dealt from a full pack, which includes two joker cards. Instead of the numbers being announced, there are rewards meant for the J pattern and for a full house completion. There’s also a fixed jackpot for scoring a full hand in sixteen cards or less, as well as a progressive jackpot for scoring full hand in 14 or less cards, with the joker as the last card.
  • Cinco – This is a Tombola-style free bingo cards game. Similar to the Gamesys, on every hand contains five cards to match. Every player can have up to five hands during gameplay. The reward for pairing off all five cards will rely on the amount of hands that get sold. With rooms that cost 5p, 10p, 20p and 40p for these games, they can be enjoyed at a very cheap price. But there’s also a maximum amount of 75 players for every room. Similar to the non-progressive version of the Gamesys game, Cinco contains three jackpots for scoring in 5, 6, and 7 calls.
  • The Game Show Bingo – This is a typical 90-ball free bingo cards game that has two jackpots, as well as an optional skill-based bonus game. The reward is free tickets to future games. To participate in their bonus games, the player needs to purchase at least six tickets before joining. The progressive jackpot begins after bingo gets called out in forty balls or less, and is divided 50-50 between the other players who have tickets, and the winner. Another feature found in Game Show Bingo is the Fantastic 51 room, where the jackpots are handed out to the player who manages to achieve a bingo in less than 51 calls. This is fixed at 1000x the normal price of the game ticket. Bonus games at Game Show Bingo include Balloon Pop, Bungee, and Sumo. In every one of these games, players can score up to six tickets for the next round, based on their final score, and another one based on the community score of all the players who participate in the game.
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bingo – This free bingo cards games can be found in many Virtue Fusion Websites, and is based after the iconic TV game show. However, this game hardly qualifies as a bingo variant, since it almost always ends up turning into a 90-ball game filled with lots of prizes. There’s an extra jackpot of £500 but this only happens if someone wins the full house in 40 calls or less. This doesn’t happen too often on a busy network. The reward is £1M, but the amount of calls that players would need to be able to score is 15-17. This makes the odds against obtaining that elusive jackpot an astounding 366 trillion to 1. Winning the latest UK lottery jackpot with just one set of lucky numbers, at a probability of 45 million to 1, is a more likely situation.
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo – This game is a quick-paced and visually rich 40-ball bingo game, with a theme based from the popular slot game, Rainbow Riches. This free bingo cards game is played all over the Virtue Fusion network. The base game is played with various cards on eight numbers fixed as four lucky clovers. In certain games, the reward counts for one clover, while for some, it’s for the full house. The game includes two bonus features. The Wishing Well bonus is made by individual players whenever they try out the game with five cards. They can choose a magic number, and if that gets called out during the game, a coin will be added to their personal wishing well. Once the player gathers 100 coins, they can get a bonus for their bingo games, as well as for the slots. Rainbow Clovers are additional balls that can show up while the game is ongoing. At the end of the game, the number that will show up will determine whether the game’s leprechaun mascot will move 0, 1, or 2 spaces up the Rainbow track. Progressive jackpots for this free bingo cards games are won at spaces 10, 25, and 50. If the leprechaun manages to overshoot the space, then 50% of the jackpot is given out, and the rest of it will return to the pot.
  • Bingo 60 – This is a game exclusive for Tombola users. Inside this multi-stake 60-ball bingo game, players will get to pay for one set of tickets, with the rewards assigned by the stake level. The tickets or free bingo cards that these players will obtain includes all of the numbers from 1 to 60.