Free Bingo Cards and Bonuses for May 2015

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Free Bingo Cards and Bonuses for May 2015

As with every other month, the casinos are liberal in their offerings for free bingo cards and bonuses for May 2015. Promotions of this sort, of course, are good for both the casinos (whether online or not) and the players.

The casinos benefit from these promos in two ways. First, their apparent largesse keeps their existing players happy, helping to prevent potential leakage of patrons to other sites. Second, if the promos are sufficiently attractive, they can attract new players to give their games a try. In turn, players both new and old get more fun out of their play and also have more possibilities to reap better rewards.

Of course, since each site tries to outdo the others in these promotions, there are ever more bonuses and freebies waiting for the canny player. There are so many available that it would be impossible to use them all, let alone list them all, but nothing should prevent the savvy gambler picking out the cream of the crop for his use—even if they are present on different casino sites. Below is a selection of some of the best free bingo cards and bonuses for the month.

A List of Free Bingo Cards and Bonuses for May 2015

  1. Bingo69 on the Live Bingo Network – Bingo69 has a good lot of free bingo cards and bonuses available this May. You can get free bingo cards from the site for minor “exchanges”. For example, if you follow the site’s Twitter account (@bingoLBN) and then submit your Twitter ID to site support, you get 50 free cards in exchange. The same number of free cards is offered for those who Like the site on Facebook. Furthermore, if you choose to subscribe to the LBN blog, you get 100 free cards as a reward.

The site also awards a bonus for those referring friends this month. If the referred friend deposits 10 pounds on the site, the one who referred him gets an Amazon voucher of the same value.

As a side note, these promotions are generally available on all Live Bingo Network brand sites.

  1. Costa Bingo – Costa Bingo is having an It’s Just Costa game offering prizes in the sum total of 20,000 pounds, with 10,000 pounds of that for a full house. Players can get up to 6 free cards for it if they have deposited at least 10 pounds in the past 10 days. The last day for claiming these free cards is the 28th of the month, as the day after that is the game.
  2. Moon Bingo – While our subject here is properly free bingo cards and bonuses for May, there is no harm in mentioning promos that go beyond the month. Moon Bingo has regular weekend bonuses for players who deposit at least 10 pounds to their accounts while using the promo code WIN.
  3. Bet365 – Bet365 has a lot of promotions for the month. For bingo, players can double their weekly earnings if they play on any of 6 featured bingo rooms using mobile or tablet devices.
  4. Sky Bingo – Most of the free bingo cards and bonuses for May 2015 award cash or credits at the casinos, but Sky Bingo takes a different route with its “An Apple a Day” promotion. The site awards Apple-brand products daily in a draw. In order to enter the draw, users only need to register themselves for entry by using the code of the day. Only those who have played at least 20 pounds on a bingo game that day at Sky Bingo can enter.
  5. Paddy Power – On this site, you can claim a bonus worth 5 pounds weekly on bingo games. In order to avail of the bonus, you need to enter the right opt-in code for the week (it changes weekly) and spend at least 20 pounds on the site’s Deal or No Deal bingo room.

It is also worth mentioning that this site has a very good welcome bonus. It may not be one of the special bonuses or offers of free bingo cards for May specifically, but it is sufficiently attractive to be worthy of special remark here.

  1. Mecca Bingo – Mecca has a slew of free bingo cards and bonuses for May 2015, such as the ones that are given out as prizes at its free Great Gift Giveaways games. Three of these games run each day on the site, and there are also other prizes available: iPhones, for example, can be won. The only requirement for qualification is that players should have spent at least a quid on bingo for that day.
  2. Foxy Bingo – Foxy Bingo hits its 10th year this May, so it is no surprise that the site is putting out some nice free bingo cards and promo specials this month. Of special interest is the Foxy’s Gifts promotion, which allows players to “unwrap” Foxy’s birthday presents and see if they can avail of the bonus on offer. These can take the form of reload bonuses, bounce backs, free cards, and more.

Take note that this month is also the one of the big 200,000-pound bingo game offered on all the 888/Dragonfish bingo sites, of which Foxy is a part. Entry costs a mere pound, and you can get as much as 100,000 quid on a full house.

  1. Wish Bingo – Wish has its own offerings for those who want free bingo cards. To be precise, you can get a free card for every 10 pounds you spend on its Flower Power game. You can also get a free card for every 10 quid won at the slots.
  2. City Bingo – Another of the well-known Dragonfish sites, City Bingo has free cards on offer, similar to its sister site, Wish Bingo. A free card is supplied to players for each 10 pounds deposited, or for every 20 pounds played on any of the site’s featured slots. The site has a few other opportunities for free bingo cards and bonuses for May 2015, but most of them are a little more complicated in qualifications than this one.