Free bingo cards and games at Bingo Hall Online this month

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Free bingo cards and games at Bingo Hall Online this month

Bingo Hall Online is one of the better known names in both paid and free bingo cards at the moment. This is in part due to the fact that it accepts players from the USA which is something a lot of other gambling sites do not do. It has been around long enough to build up its own loyal following too. The site first opened its doors to Internet gamblers in 2002, which makes it one of the oldest of its kind.

Of course, it is still worth pointing out that not all of the pioneers in this part of the Web managed to go the distance. Some have been taken over, others have simply lost customers to other sites, and still more have been merged with newer online bingo brands. That Bingo Hall has managed to last is due to many things, including its use of the well-known and enjoyable Parlay Entertainment bingo software.

This is not to say it is perfect. For instance, some players have complained about the lack of other types of bingo on the site. Bingo Hall has managed to weather even these criticisms. In doing so, one of its most potent tools has been its promotions. Whether it is free bingo cards or special games, Bingo Hall Online has always offered a lot of choices and continues to do the same now.

  • Free Bingo Cards and Games at Bingo Hall Online

This month, there are lots of free bingo cards and games offered by the site once more. To start with, the website is offering losers a chance to make up for their losses in its Rebound Tournament. On Tuesday and Wednesday each week, all players on the site who lose at least 30 online bingo games in the Desperate Housewives Room for at least 5 cards per game can be invited to the Rebound Tournament games that happen for an hour on Fridays. These are free games with $100 fixed prizes.

Keep in mind that in order to avail of this promo, you do have to send your collected numbers prior to 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on Wednesdays. Otherwise, you will not get the invitation. Also, note that the Tournament room opens an hour before the Rebound games begin, which means any games played there prior to the Rebound Games schedule will not win prizes.

Of course, free bingo cards are not the only freebies you can get on sites like these. Bingo Hall Online also runs win-related bonus promos that you should look into this month. For instance, the aforementioned Desperate Housewives Room grants bonuses for winners who are also active in the room’s chat during Happy Hour. You can get as much as $60 as a bonus if you win thrice. The first win gets $20 as a bonus on top of the amount won.

This applies to several of the website’s rooms. Try the Quarter Room is where the bonuses start from $25 on the first win and can reach up to $75. Then there is the Dollar Room, where the first win can get you a bonus of $50. The Happy Hours for the aforementioned rooms, are the following: 5PM-6PM for the Desperate Housewives Room and 4PM-5PM for the other two rooms. As you can see, even without free bingo cards, you can get quite a number of freebies at Bingo Hall Online and those bonuses can be used to buy more bingo cards.

Another bonus opportunity at Bingo Hall Online that can translate to free bingo cards is the sign-up bonus. For signing up to become a member on the site, you can get $25 in credits. These can be used to purchase more tickets which means free bingo cards.

Another way you get to play with what are basically free bingo cards is by qualifying for the site’s Smackdown Playoffs bonus competition this month. In order to do that, you should have participated in the site’s Team Bingo Smackdown Tournament. At the end of the month they can join the 6PM to 9PM EST Saturday game in the bingo website’s Dollar Room.

Bingo Hall Online also offers some other nice bonus opportunities like the After Hours Raffle. If you make a deposit between the hours of 2AM and 7AM EST, you are entitled to a ticket for this raffle. Each deposit you make during that time period earns a ticket, so it would be wise to make all of your deposits within this time period for this month. After all, the prize is $1,000 in site bonuses. That translates to a lot of free bingo cards and games!

  • Other Specials worth Mentioning at Bingo Hall Online Right Now

Bingo Hall Online does specialize in bingo but has other games and other bonus opportunities for the savvy gamer besides free bingo cards and tournaments. This month, players can also take part in its Wild Flight online slots tournament in order to win as much as $5,000. Numerous BB prizes are available on its chat games as well. You could even win a pair of tickets to see the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics by playing well enough to go on the site’s leader-board for the day.

The last promo is technically both for bingo and slots players, as dollars wagered on any of these count to the leader-board score of the player concerned. It could be argued that it is even more appropriate to bingo players because of the conversion used to count dollars spent into leader-board points. A dollar spent on a bingo game counts as a single point. Yet ten dollars spent on a slots game only counts for a single point as well. This rather privileges bingo players more than the others, but one might say this is only fair given the nature of both games and the fact that the site really did start with only bingo.

Bingo Hall Online is definitely not lacking in the freebies and promos area. Players will always say that they wish there had been more, but this is normal. This website can supply you with a great deal of amusement, whether in terms of paid or free bingo cards or games.