Learn How to Play Bingo Online

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Learn How to Play Bingo Online

The season of Christmas and New Year parties and get together is round the corner. These occasions host many house parties including the game of bingo to entertain the guests. Now whether they organise it using the traditional paper tickets or choose the online version is up to them. However, the ones among you who did not play bingo as a child should master the art of how to play bingo before attending those parties.

Online Vs Offline

This fun filled game of bingo was originated in Italy in the 16th century and was played using paper cards. It was played across the globe using balls, grains, stones and various other materials. Gutenberg, in Germany invented the printing machines which helped people to print the same image multiple times without much effort. Each player could have a unique card now with various permutations and combinations of numbers.

However, with the advent of the internet, when the gaming world transformed from the traditional brick and mortar halls and casinos to the online platform, these games started becoming available to everyone with an internet connection. If you are trying to learn how to play bingo online, then there are various aids available at your fingertips.

Various tutorials on how to play bingo online

It is best to first understand the game of bingo. If you search the internet, you will get various articles which will show you how to play bingo along with images of bingo cards. The bingo master draws a random number coin from his/her box and places it on the main bingo matrix. He calls out the number aloud and players have to cross it on their respective bingo tickets.

In the US, Bingo is played using a printed ticket which has a matrix of 5×5 grid of numbers. Numbers from 1-75 are used by the announcer and players have unique tickets with various permutations and combinations of numbers. Once a player finishes the first row of numbers, he/she calls out ‘’Bingo’’ till the full house is reached.

In the UK, the 90 ball bingo is a favourite and is a little different from the 75 ball bingo played in the US. The bingo master calls out the numbers in a little different fashion and the players use a ticket which has nine columns and three rows. Please check out the bingo tickets which are available on the various websites for a better understanding of the ticket pattern. You can also take the help of online tutorials which will have the images of the tickets. These tutorials create a virtual classroom environment for you to learn how to play bingo.

Once you have understood the basic pattern of how to play bingo, you may choose to play it online to get a first-hand experience. The best part about the internet is that you can search and find the information which you need. Choose a secured and popular website which is recommended by many users and research agencies and start with the free version.

On online bingo sites there is an auto daub feature which will automatically strike off the number on your card. This means that if you have multiple tickets, then you might miss out striking off a number on one of the tickets, however, this feature ensures that you never miss out on a win. You may comfortably chat with your friends, answer your phone calls or do any other work while your tickets will be marked off automatically.

This is a big advantage of playing online and even though you will not have to shout ‘’bingo’’ as you have to do when you play in land based games, we are sure that sitting in front of your computer you surely will do that. The computer will automatically register your win and give your prize to you.

Once you have mastered how to play bingo online, you may start wagering with real money. Before wagering, take care about the authenticity, jurisdiction and all other legal aspects of the site. There are various bingo slots available on each site and you will be mesmerised to see the scores of options for you to choose from.

You will never get bored on these sites due to the varieties available. Furthermore, the bonuses and the exciting prizes will always keep you hooked on to the game. Once you start winning with real money and prizes which vary on different online bingo sites, your excitement will increase manifold.

Youtube videos available to expedite the process

If you are wondering how to play all these variations of bingo online, then youtube videos are there to help you out. If you are not able to follow the instructions on the respective sites, then just type the name of the online bingo game on youtube and you will get many videos which will show you the steps on how to play bingo.

Playing bingo relaxes your mind and tends to solve some of your problems. However, ensure that your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, notebook or any other gadget which you are using has adequate anti-virus, spyware protection and firewall to keep your gadget safe and your money transactions secure. Bingo is one of the simplest casino games and learning how to play bingo is a cakewalk even for a child.

Learn how to play bingo from bingo gurus

There are various chat bingo websites where you can chat with your fellow bingo players and take essential tips from them on how to play bingo. There are scores of chat rooms where veterans of bingo will give you tips and suggestion about which website to choose and how to increase your chances of winning. Seeking advice from experts and implementing them will definitely give you an upper hand.

Even though bingo is widely accepted as a game of chance and luck, some mathematicians believe that it is a game of probability. This is why if you study the pattern of numbers called out, you get to learn how to beat the bingo master.


Who wants to think about mathematics while playing bingo in order to win? Stop all your calculations. Just log on to your favourite site and start playing. Now since you have learnt how to play bingo, you can fill your boring hours with some excitement and teach and invite your loved ones too.