Make sure you are using your bingo cards properly

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Make sure you are using your bingo cards properly

In recent years, bingo has attained enormous popularity across the globe accompanied with interesting features. Nowadays, it is being played by a huge number of folks, both offline and online for experiencing the ultimate fun and also to make some quick bucks. This game is being played in various ways. Generally, 25 spaces are present on a bingo card along with a free space in the middle of the card. There are approximately thousands of bingo cards that are arbitrarily created. Before everything, you just need to earn the tricks that lead you to win badges and stars.

Benefits of playing

Bingo has a great following in several countries. It became famous in the United Kingdom in the sixties. In the last few years, with the development in technology, this game has gained massive fame simply because it can now be played anywhere, anytime. Well, there are several benefits of playing a game of bingo cards.

  • An effective way to raise funds for good cause.
  • A great means to bring folks together for having fun.
  • It is a brilliant way for enjoyment and amusement.
  • It is a golden chance to socialize with people of all ages.
  • It is a kind of exercise. Your mind tends to be active while playing a game of bingo cards. Not only this, it allows for deeper concentration.
  • If you don’t want to waste your money on gambling, then you can enjoy various free games on any online bingo site.
  • If you are bored sitting on the couch for hours which never seem to end, then go for bingo games online. With the help of bingo cards, you get the awesome opportunity to win bonanzas in your free time.
  • It helps you avoid loneliness. In this way, you can add some oomph factor into your life.

Types of bingo cards

There are various types of bingo cards available nowadays. Some companies even design tailored cards according to the demands. Let’s now dig deep and take a look at some commonly used cards these days.

  • Deluxe Bingo Shutter Card: This is believed to the best quality of bingo cards. Deluxe Bingo Shutter Card stitched around the border for extra durability. Apart from this, they are quite heavy than the cost-effective Slide Card. Since they are tenacious, these cards can be the best choice for journey or trips where you really do not wish to mess with daubers or chips.
  • Custom Bingo Cards: If you want to tailor your ultimate bingo experience, then custom cards are there to enhance the charm of this incredible game. There are several companies that offer you personalized cards, especially for birthdays, family get together, reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries. They have various material options which cater well to the particular occasion. These cards are printed on different cardstocks and papers. They are also laminated.
  • Extra Jumbo Size Easy Read Bingo Cards: These cards are believed to be the largest from the different types of cards available. They are specially designed for those who have impaired vision and aid such people to enjoy the game effortlessly without facing any hurdles. Each card is 10.5 inches tall and 9.75 inches wide. It also has large bold black numbers, which can work well for gamers with impaired vision. It is basically printed on solid 18pt cardstock.
  • On Bingo Cards. These cards are usually printed on a high quality bright white paper which is heavy too. They can be reused after using markers or bingo chips.
  • Braille Plastic Bingo Board: These cards are meant for the visually impaired. They allow people with poor eyesight to enjoy the game to the fullest. Braille Plastic Bingo Board has oversized numbers with high contrast, allowing everyone have the real fun. These cards are generally laminated.
  • Fingertip Bingo Slide Cards: These cards are another version of Deluxe Bingo Slide Card, and are relatively heavie. They are apt for school events, bus trips or family reunions.

Playing bingo with cards

The first column of a bingo card has first the letter ‘B’ along with a set amount of numbers between 1 to 15. The second column ‘I’ also has few numbers between 16-30. ‘N’ represents the third column with numbers ranging from 31- 45. Column ‘G’ has few numbers between 46- 60. The last column ‘O’ has numbers from 61- 75.

The announcer generally picks up bingo balls from a box in a random fashion, and then announces it loud enough for everyone to hear. If the announced number appears on your card, just strike it off immediately. The announcer then repeats the process while players actively strive to mark off the number on their bingo cards until someone achieves a winning pattern, which is usually preset, and shouts out “BINGO”. This is an indication that he has achieved a pattern. The announcer validates and then pronounces him the winner. There are normally three types of winners, which are as follows:

  • Single Line: This is when you mark off all the numbers on a horizontal line on your bingo card.
  • Two Lines: You achieve a two line win if you are successful in covering any two lines on your card.
  • Full House: This entails you to cover all fifteen numbers on your ticket.

Apart from the basic way of playing bingo, there are some other ways to play it. Some of these are as follows:

  • Blackout: In this pattern, each and every number has to be covered on the card.
  • X- pattern: In this pattern, you require to get the pattern ‘X’ by covering the numbers.
  • Six- pack: Six Pack involves covering 6 numbers in a block. If all the numbers are correctly matched, you become the winner.
  • Top and Bottom: This requires you to cross out the numbers in the top and bottom rows.
  • Small Picture Frame: Filling numbers that normally surrounds free space.

While playing the game on the internet, the site assigns you cards automatically. The order of generation of bingo cards is pretty random, which adds to the thrill of the game. This leads to a lot of excitement among players and is one important factor why players love the online version.