Our pick of the new free online bingo games of 2016

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Our pick of the new free online bingo games of 2016

The new free online bingo games of 2016 look promising. Every year, all the big gaming and bingo sites strive to put out something new for the consumers and free bingo is always among them. The free bingo market is a large one nowadays, as even sites that used to be all about pay-to-play bingo are now offering their own free bingo rooms and special games.

How do these games work, you might wonder? What could the gaming websites have to gain from them when they are technically giving away prizes without receiving players’ stakes in return?

As some might suspect a scam in the wings from such free games, we should probably discuss this shortly before going into our list of the best of the new free online bingo games this year.

What Returns Do Gaming Companies and Sites Get from Free Games?

The thing is, the profit model for free games very often boils down to two possibilities. The first possible point of profit made by game developers and websites supplying them is through ad impressions. Ads are sprinkled throughout a game’s interface or screen and an occasional brand logo might even appear in your bingo card on the game. The advertising company pays the game developer or site serving up the game for this.

The second point of possibility comes from add-ons or extensions to the regular gameplay that players may make in order to deepen their gaming experience. They may want to unlock an ad-free version, or might want to play in a bigger-prize room, and so on. For these perks, they are typically charged a fee.

Take note that with gambling sites, there is an added perk: if players keep coming to their site to play their new free online bingo games, that is already an enhanced opportunity to get said players to wager on other games. That is, they get potential leads for future sales and conversions. In order to play most new free online bingo games on a gaming site, you do have to sign up. That usually asks you for your email address, which in turn gives the company a channel through which they can send you further marketing promos and material that could eventually turn you into a paying customer.

Now that we have clarified that, you can rest assured that there are free online bingo games that are not intended to scam you. You do have to stick to the ones offered by reputable sites or suppliers, though, if you want to be sure of that. Below are some of our top picks for this year if you have no idea where to start. We also talk about some of the other things you can look forward to from the site providing each of these new free online bingo games, in case you want to go with a place that has a lot to offer.

The Best New Free Online Bingo Games of 2016

  1. William Hill Bingo has new free online bingo games daily this year. Players can find them in the website’s 75-ball Diamond Room from 11 in the morning to noon.

There are only 4 games running in that room during that hour-long stretch, but the gameplay is usually pretty exciting and prizes are decent at up to £30. Players are also allowed as many as 12 cards, which is fairly reasonable.

  1. Betfred Bingo has always had great new free online bingo games yearly, but the ones on the website for 2016 are especially appealing. The regular free games are held in the Disco Room and The Super Room. There are 23 free games a day in the former and 14 in the latter. As much as £1000 in prizes is given away weekly at these games, so you get good winnings from them on a lucky streak.Betfred Bingo has other new free online bingo games besides these. Take a look at the 1PM to 5PM games in its Tinseltown Room, which you can access if you are a Betfred VIP and have spent at least £10 on the website’s side games between Monday and Saturday. This schedule is because the free games in the Tinseltown Room take place on Sundays.
  1. Bucky Bingo offers new free online bingo games for funded and wagering players on its site. As is the case with the vast majority of free bingo games offered by game sites, you do have to have wagered money on one of the site’s games within a particular time period prior to accessing the free games. For Bucky Bingo, the period is 30 days, so you need to have wagered cash on one of Bucky’s games at least once in the 30 days before trying to play the free games.The free games at Bucky Bingo run daily as well, from 10AM to 11AM for the first stretch and from 10PM to 11PM for the second. They are held in the BB Free Room. Note that all awards here are given in terms of bingo bonuses, so you will have to parlay them into wagers for other games if you do want to withdraw your winnings.
  1. Sky Bingo also has new free online bingo games. At Sky, players can access a free bingo room each day and take advantage of games that start every 10 minutes. The payoffs at Sky Bingo’s free games are especially attractive, as the site claims to be giving away more than £5,000 each week from those games alone.All of the winnings on Sky’s free games are credited to your account in terms of bingo bonuses. Furthermore, if you want to take advantage of this offer, you need to qualify by spending at least £2.50 on bingo cards on the site for that day. After that, you can access the free bingo games at will for the rest of the day.

This means, of course, that it would be wisest for you to make the qualifying wager earlier in the day instead of later. This would allow you to start playing the free games as they take place. As there is no limit on the number of free games you can enter after you have qualified for the day, you can get a lot of new free online bingo games this way.