The 10 best free online bingo game sites in the world this month

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The 10 best free online bingo game sites in the world this month

Bingo lovers can join free online bingo game sites anytime when they want to enjoy free bingo games. The ongoing competition among online sites to attract new players has prompted many to offer free games and to open free bingo rooms that cater to new players. Even when you have been playing online bingo for some time, there are new sites where you can register as a new player and claim the free games.

Free online bingo game sites are the same sites where you play bingo for real cash. This means that almost all online bingo sites have their own free bingo and newbies rooms. Some have free bingo games running daily, while others have scheduled free games within the week that players, both new and regular patrons, can join.

Playing in free online bingo game sites does not always mean playing in free bingo rooms or playing the scheduled free games. Bingo sites are very generous in offering cash bonuses to new players as well as to regular patrons and the free cash can be used to purchase tickets in regular games. The use of bonus cash can be loosely called enjoying free play, but with a bonus twist because you can win real cash from these games.

Winning and claiming a payout when you play free games with cash bonuses is possible if you can meet the wagering requirements. Though many players claim that the wagering requirements are hard to satisfy, taking a shot at winning simply demands that you continue wagering until the requirement is satisfied. There are two possible outcomes from cash bonus play – either you win and meet the wagering requirements and qualify for the payout, or you lose the entire bonus earned. In both situations, you get to enjoy free play in free online bingo game sites.

Free online bingo game sites continue to operate profitably while awarding cash bonuses and free play because in free play, the site does not really give out cash. The bonuses are not automatically redeemable and have to be wagered.

The free play is a ploy to attract people to the site on the premise that if they find the games exciting, they will return to play regular games. Taken in this context, free games are advantageous to both the players and gambling site operators. The online site awards free play to encourage players to sign in and spend some time to try out the featured games.

When you register in free online bingo game sites, you make the decision to spend your own cash to play regular games. Free games and free bingo rooms run side-by-side with regular bingo rooms, and joining any of the regular game rooms requires only a click on your computer or mobile device. Of course, when you play regular games in these free online bingo game sites, you have to make the required initial deposit.

The nice thing about the promotional deals offered by free online bingo game sites is that playing regular games earns you more cash bonuses for free play. The sites match the initial and succeeding cash deposits that you make with the deposit and reload bonuses that can go as high as 300% to 500% of the amount that you deposited. This means you get to enjoy more free play. Other sites award credit points for every game card that you purchase. Accumulated credit points, though not redeemable for cash, can be used to purchase game tickets.

The opportunities to play in free online bingo game sites without spending your own money or to enjoy hours of entertaining games with minimal spending are almost limitless. When you become a regular player in any of these sites, you continue to receive bonus incentives that translate to free games.

The best free online bingo game sites are the same sites where you can play exciting games that award progressive jackpots and guaranteed prizes for every bingo game. These popular sites continue to attract bingo lovers because of the featured exciting games, attractive bonuses, and lucrative prizes.

Selected 10 free online bingo game sites that offer attractive bonuses to new players this month are listed here.

•    Bingo Hall has an exclusive $35 bonus offer on sign up and 500% deposit bonus. Featured on this site are 75-ball games in more than 300 patterns and exciting side games for more fun and prizes.

•    CyberBingo rewards new players with $50 sign-up bonus and 500% deposit bonus. There are several 75-ball and 90-ball bingo rooms to choose from, or you can join chatroom games for fun and free games.

•     Break The Bank is an online site that features 75 and 90-ball bingo, table games, slots, and instant wins. New players receive $50 sign-up bonus and as much as 600% deposit bonus.

•    Bet365 Bingo features 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo and live casino. The site offers a 200% cash match when you sign up.

•    William Hill Bingo awards £40 bonuses when you make an initial deposit of £10, and you get free access to the Arrivals Lounge newbie room for one week.

•    Wink Bingo features a no deposit free bingo room and awards new players with a 350% welcome bonus upon signing in, including the chance to Spin the Wheel to win £15.

•    Costa Bingo offers new players £5 free and 500% deposit plus an extra 50% in reload bonuses. Free games include free bingo daily and the free Costa Crazy game every Friday with as much as £10,000 in prizes.

•    Mecca Bingo allows new players who sign in to play in a free newbie room without requiring any deposit. A deposit of £10 automatically earns a new player £40 free to play.

•    Butlers Bingo requires new players to deposit £10 to enjoy an exclusive 500% first deposit bonus, 50 free spins on the Immortal Romance slots game, and a 5-day access to the newbie room.

•    Paddy Power Bingo has newbie room and a £35 bonus offer for free bingo when you sign up, make a deposit, and spend £5 on bingo tickets.
There are many other free online bingo game sites where you can claim bonuses for free play and the opportunity to play in newbie rooms – all you have to do is click on these sites and sign in.