This month’s best free bingo games online in the EU

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This month’s best free bingo games online in the EU

If a person resides in any part of the European Union, then they’re pretty lucky, since there won’t be any shortage of free bingo games online sites available to them, where they can play virtual bingo games morning, noon, and night. There’s also plenty of promos and bonuses that they can take advantage of, so these players need to give these great and rewarding free bingo games online a try.

One thing that bingo fans need to keep in mind is that plenty of websites also contain free bingo games online, a lot of them which are available 24/7. So it’s completely possible for the players to create a bankroll from scratch while they play these free bingo games online. After the player is done building a small account, they can slowly move on to the site’s real money games in an attempt to even further increase their balance , in order to become a true bingo playing success.

The following free bingo games online belong to a list of the best European Union bingo sites:
Free Bingo Games Online in the EU

1.)    Beetle Bingo – All explorers, from rookies to experienced ones, can head over to the jungle, together with the game’s huge betting range of $0.5 and $10. With this huge wager, players can have the opportunity to win some important payouts. Players just need to give that beetle jar a good shake before they begin. Fifteen beetles will randomly fall into a waiting tube below. These beetles all have numbers on their backs, and some of them will serve as a lucky number. The player needs to scratch off the numbers on the panel, to check if they match the beetles. Beetle Bingo is a free bingo games online that provides players with some great odds for winning, with a return of 95%, as well as a large card value of 10,000 times the original bet.

2.)    6 Card Bingo – The main objective of these free bingo games online is similar to real bingo games, but with a small twist. Six cards will be found on the gaming board, along with a button to select new cards as well as a turbo button, for those who want to play this game at a faster pace. This game has a total of 85 balls. The objective is to completely fill up the cards with the least  amount of numbers as possible. Players should also keep an eye out on the color meter in the middle of the board, since this can show their gaming progress. 6 Card Bingo doesn’t hand out a bonus round, but still makes up for it by providing players with a huge jackpot prize worth €10,000. The ball counter begins at the top, and while the balls are drawn, the counter will drop them one by one until they arrive at a match with the chosen number of required balls.

3.)    Electro Bingo – This is a single-player free bingo games online that is perfect for bingo players who want to enjoy a small one-on-one session with the machine itself. This game takes its inspiration from the makers of Microgaming, so it’s very certain that Electro Bingo has the same excellent quality as a typical Microgaming bingo slot game. It contains a total of 60 balls, with 30 drawn during a game. Get to play all four cards that have betting options beginning from $1 to $5 with each card. Fifteen numbered squares will also be found on every card, and 14 pattern variations for a good winning combo. Pair up the numbers with the dropped balls that have a corresponding pattern, and the player could win a prize. If they’re one number short of completing that winning pattern, the player is allowed to purchase an additional ball. The price of this extra ball will vary from game to game.

4.)    Super Bonus Bingo – This free bingo games online site is covered with splashes of tangerine and royal blue shades, so players can feel energetic before the game even starts. It has a total of 80 balls. It depends on the player if they want to choose between 2 up to 8 numbers. Another thing that will depend on the player is whether they will decide to keep the same set of numbers, or change them from one game to another. They can do this by clicking on the ‘Clear’ tab. Another tab that more adventurous members can try out is the ‘Turbo’ tab to accelerate the gameplay. Playing the highest ten numbers will also give the player the most benefits, once they are all hit with a huge jackpot prize of 10,000 times the stake that is bet on. The more numbers picked, the more possible “hits” are available. Both the Pays and Hits chart can be found on top, alongside the white numbers that indicate the payouts. The bonus feature can be used when the player reaches the white number of “hits” with some additional balls dropped, in order to lengthen the prize win.

5.)    Bingo Bash – One of the free bingo games online that provides their players with a unique arrangement of fascinating boards. These boards can go from a simple Sphinx board, to a picture of the Palm Islands, Canyons, or the Wheel of Fortune bingo. Players have so many boards to choose from. This is a bingo game that comes with its very own leveling system. So each time the player enjoys a round of bingo at Bingo Bash, and wins or loses, they will get a certain amount of XP that can be accumulated in no time at all. These can help them level up. Plenty of boards contain certain level restrictions, so there are actually so many advantages to playing this game. Bingo Bash contains a brand new room themed after Wheel of Fortune, America’s most popular game show. Thanks to this free bingo games online, players can now try their luck at the number one bingo game on the famous Wheel of Fortune stage.