Why auto daub is vital for your European bingo cards

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Why auto daub is vital for your European bingo cards

Virtual bingo in particular has turned into an incredibly popular pastime, especially for those who enjoy playing with bingo cards from their own homes. As the quality of streaming state-of-the-art bingo games continue to improve, virtual gambling tools are also becoming popular nowadays, especially with players from the UK. As the fame of playing virtual bingo continues to grow, there’s also a new kind of portal showing up in order to deal with thousands of online bingo players.

Nowadays, with so many virtual bingo halls closed and unavailable to clients, bingo has turned into something of a pastime that people can join in with at home. Millions can still go to traditional bingo halls, yet most reveal that aside from buying bingo cards and going out to visit a couple of bingo halls every month, bingo fans will regularly play these games at home, on the Internet. To cater to the whole social aspect that bingo halls once specialized in, a lot of the top platforms contain a chat room function inside their bingo halls. This encourages people to get to know each other better, make some new friends, or celebrate together when someone manages to win.

Features such as chat rooms are just one of the dozens of gimmicks that these virtual bingo sites will tend to use, in order to attract new clients. With this increasing number of sites available for their clients to pick from, there’s a huge need to reel in rookie players by making an interesting and unique type of ambience. Free play days, or days with high jackpots for winners are also utilized, in order to get players to buy bingo cards and play games more quickly.

The land-based bingo halls and casinos may call this ‘talking’, but when a person tries out a bingo game, it’s known as ‘chatting’. Chatting isn’t considered as an offense while playing bingo – in fact, the moderators in most chat rooms often encourage it during games. With its auto-daub features, it’s not even thought that a player might end up missing a number that was drawn, which could make them forget to call out ‘bingo!’. When they do get the chance to call it out, virtual prizes and rewards will be equal or the same as land-dwelling bingo casinos and halls.

European Online Bingo Cards Features

Aside from the chat rooms aspect, players can utilize plenty of optional features, which can make playing the game easier, including auto-daub. Auto-daub automatically marks off the corresponding numbers found on bingo cards while they are being called out, so the players won’t have to do it themselves.

One of the biggest challenges while playing land-based bingo games is trying to keep up with the numbers while they are being called out. If the player fails to call out ‘bingo’ in time right before the next number is taken, even if their bingo cards match, they don’t win. If they’re new to the whole bingo scene, they might thing that daubing and finding the numbers isn’t really a big deal. However, seasoned players have the tendency to play plenty of bingo cards in one go, as an exercise of intense multitasking.

If players are familiar with the auto-spin or auto-play feature included in virtual slot games, auto-daubing works in a similar way. Instead of having to watch the numbers get called out and searching their bingo cards for the correct match, the virtual bingo software will take care of marking the bingo cards for them to make sure that these participants won’t end up missing some numbers that get called.

Auto-daub also works together with two other features, ‘best card highlights’ and ‘best card sorting’. While the software auto-daubs the players’ virtual cards, it also sorts their cards so that the virtual bingo card that’s closest to winning will end up in the first position. This makes it simple for them to see when they’re super close to achieving that bingo, so players can immediately press that ‘bingo!’ button and tell the moderator that they’ve filled up their bingo cards.

The Best Card Sorting feature fixes the tickets in order of the performance while the game is progress. If these players are playing with many tickets and bingo cards in one game, then the ones that are the closest to winning will immediately be moved towards the beginning. If the ticket only has one unmarked number in a pattern, it will be placed before the card that only contains two unmarked numbers. So to make this game simple for gamers, the tickets can also change their color if the amount of numbers needed to win is slowly decreasing. All tickets will be shown as ‘1 to go’, ‘2 to go’ and ‘3 to go’ accordingly, allowing players quickly identify the bingo cards getting close to a win. The Best Sorting Card also instructs the computer to put in the cards with the best chance of scoring at the top of their screens, so players will be able to see them more easily. The Best Card Highlighting feature also informs the system to alert the player, or to simply just highlight the cards that are close to getting a win.

On particular websites, players won’t even have to call out ‘bingo’ to be able to win the game. They can win whenever they have a winning card – whether they’re paying close attention to the numbers or just cooking supper. This is typically a great feature if the player is a rookie and they’re just getting started – they can just relax, socialize, and learn the ropes of the game without stressing out of not being able to mark off their bingo cards, and missing the chance to win.