Why is Live Bingo the Most Exciting Form of Gambling Online?

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Why is Live Bingo the Most Exciting Form of Gambling Online?

Are you a fan of Gambling Online? Play a round of live bingo with your friends and get to meet people from around the world who love bingo as much as you do. When you participate in chat games on online bingo websites you can make some new friends as well. There are live bingo sites that offer bingo in a real-time environment. Experience lots of thrills and have fun when playing live bingo online, rather than at a local bingo hall.

Live Bingo Gambling Sites

1. Bingo Cams is the only live bingo website in the United Kingdom, which allows players to play bingo using their webcams. Players get to witness a live chat moderator with their webcams, as well as themselves. If the player is wary about privacy, then do not worry it’s not obligatory for all players to turn on their webcams. If the cam is switched on, there are some lovely incentives that are offered to players. By using webcams, players can talk and chat with fellow gamers and bingo fans, and the chat moderators as well. Even though Bingo Cams is new to the bingo scene, it has already garnered much success with this innovative live bingo concept

This brilliant piece of technology certainly delivers lots to the bingo-playing experience. Players can talk to each other in real time using the chat rooms. They can also record videos of themselves if they have won a game, and enter these reaction videos on the Bingo Cams website. If their video is voted as the best one, then the lucky player can score additional prizes.

Everyone in the room where the player performs a victory dance will see anyone who manages to win a bingo game. This is for the sake of fun and it proves that it is possible for real bingo players to win large prizes. It’s easy to play a game in Bingo Cams because everything is based on a browser, so there’s no extra software needed, and the player doesn’t download or install anything. The only thing required is an Adobe Flash player. Bingo Cams gets its license from Malta’s LGA Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

It may have faced some tough competition from its rival sites, but thanks to Bingo Cams’ technology, it was able to form an impressively huge slice of the virtual bingo market. Because players can talk to each other, it shifts the emphasis towards the social aspect of live bingo, which is an integral part of the gaming experience.

This is also practical when using the site’s customer service, because players can chat with real people who are fans of live bingo. Bingo Cams provides their players with a huge amount of promos and bonuses, including a no-deposit bonus of £5, as well as a 200% bonus on their initial deposit up to £100. Bingo Cams actually has some of the best prizes in online bingo. Players are given the chance to win some progressive jackpots whose values can increase with each ticket that is sold.

These two progressive jackpots include:

  •  Room Jackpots These progressive jackpots can go up to £10,000. The Big Bang jackpot includes all bingo rooms. Players can win this once they get a full card maximum of 32 balls. Meanwhile, the Room Jackpot is specific to every bingo room. It’s possible to win this jackpot when the player reaches a full card that has a maximum of 40 balls. There are some other jackpots available which players can directly view on their website. Bingo Cams gives their players a classic game of 90-ball bingo, meaning that the numbers found on these purchased bingo cards can go from 1 to 90.
  • 2. Bingo Club lets players join in the world’s friendliest bingo game. Players can chat with their friends or make some new ones, all while enjoying a game filled with a variety of power plays. A new room is regularly added to the site. Get to meet some friends from international luxury destinations, and have some fun together. Experience a Parisian romance, Hollywood glamour, Hawaiian serenity, and the energy of Las Vegas, New York, Rio de Janeiro, or Tokyo while playing at Bingo Club. Finish the tours while finding some treasure chests, to score even more grand prizes.
  • Go dig for some buried gems at Treasure Island, while surrounding yourself with the familiar setting of their live bingo games. Special rooms are added to the site on a regular basis. Get some spectacular rewards with each step. Each time you win a game of bingo, or make some progress towards your level, you win some fun rewards. Players will definitely have fun trying to win excellent prizes in each game session. Win some free cash to play Bingo Club every day, or play more rounds to increase your free money. Each destination city has its own tour. Finish it by winning a game of bingo to get more extra cash. You can also compare your progress with fellow players to build some friendly competition.
  • There are also some thrilling power plays to turn your luck around and allow you to score more money. Bingo Club serves a wonderful bingo experience without irritating popup ads, the site moving slowly or even crashing, hanging, stalling, and interruptions from advertisements. Play Bingo Club anytime during the day or night. This site has many people playing from across the world, so players can join a room anytime they want without having to wait for a long period. Basically similar to having a piece of live bingo heaven in their pockets.