Why you should buy your bingo cards at Coral bingo

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Why you should buy your bingo cards at Coral bingo

If you seek a well-managed, highly professional place to get bingo cards from this month, you might want to try out Coral Bingo. A member of the Gala Coral Group, this site is one of the best-known and most solidly-funded bingo sites at the moment, which tends to show in the quality of its games and the size of the prizes. Bingo is only one of the games available at the Coral website, of course, so you may well see other gambling options on it before you navigate to the bingo section. Once you do get there, though, you should be able to see a great deal of what Coral has to offer.

  • Get Free Bingo and £15 Worth of Bingo Cards

One of the most obvious reasons for buying your bingo cards at Coral this month is its current welcome offer, to be sure. After registering to become a member on the site, spend at least £5 on the Coral bingo games. In return, the site will give you a £25 bonus.

The bonus is split between bingo and slot games at £15 and £10, respectively. Take note that you can only collect this Welcome Bonus if you manage to spend the qualifying £5 within 30 days after your registration.

Our advice would be to hold off on spending that for the first week, as you actually get access to free games for 7 days after signing. Following those 7 days of free bingo games, you can buy £5 worth of bingo cards and collect the bonus. For the free games, visit the Allsorts and Farley & Carly rooms, which have more than £10,000 in prizes for players.

  • The 1 Million Pound Summer Scorcher

This summer can heat up especially if you get your bingo cards at Coral Bingo. The site is having a scorcher of a promo that could see you entering £100,000 bingo games in the following weeks. In order to enter, you simply need to opt in to the promo once and then accumulate tickets to the draw by staking money on bingo games.

200 players are picked each week in the draw to get 12 tickets to the big-prize weekend games, where the top prize gets to be as high as £50,000. Not bad for what is technically a game using free bingo cards.

  • Free Loyalty Rooms

Coral Bingo actually offers regular players something in exchange for their loyalty. Each week, there is a free game that has prizes corresponding to the winner’s loyalty level. Bronze-level members can win prizes of up to £100, for instance. If you are a Diamond-level member, though, the prize can be as high as 5 times that amount.

Take note that although you need not purchase bingo cards for these games, you do need to buy them to qualify for entry. To be more precise, you should have spent at least £1 on bingo cards in the previous 7 days.

  • The Prizes at the Summer Lovin’ Bingo Giveaway

Coral also has the Summer Lovin’ promo for this season, which is yet another reason to get your bingo cards from it. Thanks to this promo, players at Coral Bingo can actually get a prize daily for 6 weeks. You can get everything from a camera to a mini-fridge or some bingo bonuses if you opt into this promotion.

Again, in order to enter the competition for the daily draw prizes, you do have to buy bingo cards at the website. Specifically, you need to make at least £5 worth of purchases in bingo cards, as each £5 purchase in bingo gets you an entry into the draw.

  • The 100k Monthly Specials

Coral Bingo guarantees at least £100,000 of prizes in several special games at the moment. For example, you can try to play in its Megamax Room in hopes of getting the £20,000 prize, in the Route 75 Room for its £20,000 guarantee, in the Deal or No Deal games for a whopping £25,000, and so on.

  • The Piggy Smash Daily Special

Another special worth mentioning here is the Piggy Smash promo that Coral runs for its bingo section. All that you need to do is purchase a minimum of £1 worth of bingo cards. Once you do, you immediately have a Piggy scratch card.

The scratch card can be found in the bingo lobby of the site. Upon getting yours, you can simply check to see what you may have won. The prize can get as high as £500, so you certainly do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

  • The Late Night Games

Players who tend to stay up late can also find a lot to occupy them on Coral Bingo. The site has a lot of Night Owl games, usually found at its Megamax Room. Try checking the room from midnight to 6am, as these are when Coral holds these games. The prizes are handsome as well, with up to £10,000 in prizes each night.

  • The Free Wednesday Night Games

These can be found in the Monte Carlo room in Coral Bingo. In order to gain access to the games, you do have to spend at least £30 on bingo tickets in any of the Coral bingo rooms in the prior 6 days. If this qualification is met, you can enter the Monte Carlo room between 9pm and 10pm each Wednesday.

The games in the Monte Carlo room are all free and have as much as £1,500 as in prizes. Each player can only get up to 12 tickets, though. Technically, this should be enough for you to enter each game as there are 10 played in that single hour.

This and the other specials mentioned above are just a few of the reasons a savvy bingo enthusiast might want to give Coral Bingo a try in the coming months. It does not hurt that this is a site that has been around for a while too, of course, and with largely positive reviews from its users. Its operators have been in the game for at least 10 years, which speaks well of them. In short, you could certainly do worse than Coral Bingo for a place to get and play bingo cards this month, as the quality of the games and appeal of the prizes should not leave you wanting.